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How well you do think the enemy will do after a tranquilizing shot?


Backet's favorite trick - surprise mines that turns enemies into piles of blood and guts.

Smoke Cover

A smoke screen to protect and hide the Team.


After waking up from being mind controlled, the enemy will learn that the charm of a woman is a dangerous thing.


The special abilities of the character who ran through this bonus will recover faster for one turn.


You can see debuffs under the enemy's head. To find out more specific info — double tap on enemy's avatar.

Berserk mode

When in this condition, the affected person will feel no pain nor remorse for the enemy.


This bonus, dropped by an enemy, restores some AP to the character that ran through it.


The character that ran through this bonus will be able to counterattack once, even if they have run out of AP.

Army Box

A better box with better items.


Some of goods are disabled in the store. But you can find them in chests to make them purchaseable.


As the acid starts eating away at the armor, the enemy will have no choice but to hastily take it off.


The more you move around, the better you'll do in battle.


Inside a Secured Container you may find rare items, which are not obtainable anywhere else.


Finding yourself dying a lot? An upgrade could give you the edge you need.


This bonus, dropped by an enemy, restores some health to the character that ran through it.


An interesting effect, after the fight the effect person will receive a health boost.

Carton box

Contains items and should not be left unchecked.

Hey guys!

Hey everyone! I've won a challenge and received a crystal.

Knife Attack

Did you know that Teddy could neutralize stronger enemies with his Knife Attack?


Some items can only be found in an Army Box or a Secured Container.


Tap and hold to find out how a certain skill works.


Share the news with friends and earn rubies!


It's cheaper to buy items in bulk.

Secured Container

Very rare as it contains superior items.


A concentrated samurai is a dangerous adversary as his concentration could last a very long time.


When picking up a bonus, check out the stats around the character's abilities; you'll find some helpful hints there.

Thermite bomb

It kills the person who triggers it, as well as anyone who is nearby.

Action Points

You can upgrade it, as well as increase or save your Action Points by using items.

Guardian Armor

Teddy crafts armor for the whole team but they will lose the armor after three turns have passed.


The character that ran through this bonus can use it on their next attack, and the attack will be amplified.


To pick up a bonus dropped by an enemy, run through the bonus with the character that needs one.


Sunny is a state of tranquility and he opens up a massive attack on the enemies.


The enemy shouldn't even bother trying to keep up, it will just leave them dazed and confused.


You can zoom in and out to get a better view of the battlefield.


A red round sign under a character's head indicates a possible counterattack.


If an enemy runs through the cell containing a bonus, the bonus will self-destruct.